Our New Year’s resolution was to lock a bunch of y’all into rooms, and personally I think we pretty much nailed it – – January High Scores!


It’s 2017, babies!  And you know what they say: “New Year, New You, and the New You is locked inside of a room with 1-5 other players trying to exorcise a demon, or steal a diamond, or… something.” You know. That traditional New Year’s greeting, that people say.

Anyway, a new year, new challenge mode leaderboard, new games and events and good stuff. But we know what you came for–here’s the display of dexterous athleticism and critical thinking for January!

January Monthly High Scorers:
In The Séance,
1) Escape Room Junkies
2) E4041 40:41
3) DREAM TEAM 42:52

In The Gallery
1) MIKE DROP 44:33
3) RUBIKS^3 49:08

And in The Heist 2.0,
1) ESCAPED CRUSADERS $96,000,000
2) NOT CREATIVE $86,000,000,000
3) BEER’D MONKEYS $83,000,000


For a THIRD month in a row, our Gallery scores remain unchallenged. THE CRITICAL HITS (37:29) sitting pretty up top, closely followed by NICE TRY, MAYA! (38:19) in second place and TEAM RAWR (39:08) taking the bronze.  When, I ask you, will Sacramento bring us a challenger ready to take down this powerful triumvirate??

The Heist all time will also remain untouched this month, as THE VINCENZOS ($131,000,000) maintain their substantial lead over ARKANSAS KYLE & THE NERD BRIGADE, and TEAM ANDERSON, tied for second and third places with $107,000,000.

Still experiencing some changeups on the Séance all time, as the ESCAPE ROOM JUNKIES picked up third place with an escape in 34:22. They will fall in behind established champs MEAT SIEVE (29:35) and ROBOT ALEX & THE NERD BRIGADE (26:07).

Incredible work all around. Truly magnificent. However, I’m just saying if someone came and just absolutely beasted the Gallery next month, I wouldn’t be mad… I’d really like to write a different blurb for February. 😉

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