V-Day Giveaway!


Dear beloved Escape Fans,

Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and we are feeling the love! We wanted to let y’all know how much we <3 our escape artists by offering FREE TICKETS this week only!

Some folks like to give a dozen roses to show adoration. We like to give a dozen tickets to our adoring fans to show how much we appreciate them! Afterall, without escape game junkies, we wouldn’t be here dreaming up puzzle games 😉

Want to win free tickets for your next date night out? Here’s how:

How to enter:

Tell us what you love the most about Escape Sacramento! Simply leave a comment on our Facebook page with what you love most about us and fill out the short contact form so we can let you know if you’re a lucky winner! Although it’s not required to enter into the drawing, feel free to share your declarations of adoration on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, the stalls of your nearest bathroom (junior high style love)…ya know, wherever the poetry strikes you  #iheartEscapeSac

How you’ll win:

6 entries will be selected to receive 1 pair (2 tickets) to any available game at Escape Sacramento (tickets never expire!)

Winners will be announced at noon on these days:

Friday Feb.10th

Sunday Feb. 12th

Tuesday Feb.14th

*Only one entry per person. Must fill out contact form & comment to be eligible to win.

If you play at Escape Sac. Friday - Sunday of Feb.10-12, you may be in for a sweet surprise!

PS. What are your plans for Valentine’s? If you happen to play at Escape Sacramento this weekend Feb.10-12, you may be in for a sweet surprise!

17 Responses to “V-Day Giveaway!

  • Kris Borders
    6 months ago

    Escape Sacramento is EVERYTHING! Can’t wait to get back there.

  • #iheartEscapeSac I love that I can bring my kids and we are all challenged. It’s fun working as a team.

    • Harmony, thank you for the love! It’s so beautiful to see adults and young people working together to solve puzzles, especially because kids have a completely different perspective than adults! Teamwork is one of my favorite aspects of the game too!

  • #iheartEscapeSac because it truly showed me how bright my friends are, it brought us closer together by building trust, encouragement, and confidence in eachother. I would recommend to everyone! Escape your troubles in life by going to Escape Sacramento!

  • So much fun! Can’t wait to do it again! #iheartEscapeSac

  • Sarah ak ahmed
    6 months ago

    Escape Sacramento is one of nicest experience I’ve done. It was my boyfriend now my fiancé birthday and I took him and his friends all in this adventure. It was really fun. We didn’t escape but we had fun and we weren’t even drunk.
    It is such an experience that I support any how live in Sacramento and around to experience it. And I can’t wait to try the new puzzles.
    And can’t wait to win 🙂

    • Sarah, congrats on your engagement! Thanks for the love! We can’t wait for your to play with us again 🙂

  • Juan Maciel Montoya
    6 months ago


    Escape is the best live puzzle game I have ever played! it inbolves and encourages group interaction providing a great environment between players.

    • Thanks for the love, Juan! We are so honored to hear that we are the best you’ve played!!

  • we went for a birthday outing and it was the best time ever
    the kids loved it

    • Birthday escape outings are the best!! Maybe it’s the years of wisdom earned that give an edge to the game 😉 Thanks for the love, Audra!

  • My favorite thing about Escape Sacramento was that I really thought I was going to breeze through it, but it was very challenging! Our time went by in the blink of an eye and I was ready to start again immediately. Definitely my favorite date night experience! #iheartEscapeSac

  • L.Harris
    6 months ago

    I would absolutely love to go!

  • Awesome! This is every gamers dream!


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