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The Seance

Escape Sacramento -- The Seance
2-6 players. Playable now.
Record holders: "Burning Blood"
Difficulty: 7/10

A local psychic has accidentally awoken a devious presence from the spirit realm. It will wreak havoc upon our mortal world unless your team can stop it!

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The Gallery

Escape Sacramento -- The Gallery
2-7 players. Playable now.
Record holders: "Birthday Magic"
Difficulty: 6/10

A locally famous artist and gallery owner has suddenly gone missing. You rush to her gallery to investigate. Can you find clues to her disappearance and escape before the police arrive to take over the investigation?

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The Heist

Escape Sacramento -- The Heist
2-8 players. Playable now.
Record holders: "Burning Blood"
Difficulty: 9/10

You are an elite team of mercenary thieves. Your client was recently involved in an expedition to recover treasure from an ancient shipwreck, but was back-stabbed by his business partner and left with none of the loot. Can you help him steal back what is rightfully his -- plus "interest"?
Heist Details and Change Log

Average Reward 28,000,000
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The Study

Escape Sacramento -- The Study
2-6 players. Officially Retired.
Record holders: "Beginner's Luck AKA Skillz"
Difficulty: 8/10

You are a team of secret agents. You’ve broken into the private study of a wealthy inventor whom you suspect of kidnapping some of your fellow agents -- or worse! You have one hour to gather information and escape before he returns.

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