The Heist

A New Kind of Game

The Heist is not a traditional escape game… In fact, you don’t need to escape at all! Instead, your goal is to earn as much cash as possible in an hour by finding and stealing various items of value (the loot).

Heist Loot


The Heist is also our first replayable game, in that the series of puzzles that must be solved to attain an item are mostly independent of each other — so, for example, if on your first trip you stole the Urn, the Diamond, and the Silver Bowl, you can return to try to steal the Skull, the Spyglass, and the Orb, which will require you and your team to solve different puzzles. (The Heist is equally replayable with mixed teams that combine first-timers and returnees. The returnees can work on stealing the more difficult, higher-value items, while the first-timers can tackle the more basic puzzles that the returnees have previously solved.)

Finally, the Heist is ever-changingWe will be adding security countermeasures, new puzzles, and new loot. Even if you’re a veteran and have solved most (or all!) of the puzzles in the Heist, it’s worth keeping an eye on our change log (below), which we will update every time there’s been a major addition to the Heist. Every time there’s a new loot item, that means there are new puzzles required to steal it (unless otherwise noted), and you can get a sense for the difficulty of those new puzzles based on the value of the item. So, for example, if we replace the $3,000,000 Silver Bowl with a $12,000,000 Amulet, you’ll know that there are new puzzles to be solved, and that they are either more numerous or more difficult than the puzzles you solved to obtain the Bowl.

Change Log

You can download the most current loot sheet here:

  • 5/4/2016: Added new security countermeasure to Orb of Storms
  • 4/30/2016: Launched “The Heist”
  • 4/01/2017: A few gameplay changes and replaced the puzzle line for Avery’s Spyglass