1. Select ticket type(s) – Adult ($27), Student with ID ($23), and/or Child ($23).
  2. Select a date – “Pick Date” in the upper-right-hand corner opens a calendar. We also offer gift vouchers if you haven’t decided on a date yet. (more info)
  3. Select a game – The Séance holds up to 6 players each; the Gallery, up to 7, and The Heist 2.0 up to 8 players. (more info)
  4. Large groups – If your group is larger than 8 players, select “Private Booking” to schedule a private event; or, book the East and West Seance Games at the same time for a 6 vs 6 “race to escape”! (more info)


Can’t find an open game? Click the “Following Days” button at the top-right of the calendar to see next week’s openings, or click “Pick Date” to see a different 7-day period.